Atheists and Apologetics



Intelligent people are amazing.  I’m not referring to just smart people, but the genuinely brilliant minds that can grasp complex issues and ideas.

As a Christian, I find that people like this can be very intimidating.  I remember on one occasion I was sitting beside another passenger on a flight.  The conversation led to my beliefs and he quickly stated his own, which were very different from mine.  He was respectful but was exceptionally insightful, and with his arguments he challenged me to reconsider my beliefs on God based on all of his heady knowledge.  I sat there defeated.  But I certainly wasn’t going to abandon the faith because one person could articulate scientific facts better than i could.  I just wished i could speak with authority to the level this man could.

The other day I was at lunch with my wife and I couldn’t help but listen to two men in the booth behind me. They were discussing the possibility of God.  One man was pro, the other con.  As they talked I was amazed, quoting scientific formulas, phrases that dealt with astrophysics.  While I eavesdropped, I felt as though the train had just left, and I was still standing at the train station.  Duh.

So when I found this article the other day it certainly got my attention!  This is the story of a young lady who had grown up as an atheist.  She struggled with the idea of God, and was intelligent enough to understand the nuances of the big bang.  Her journey ultimately lead to meeting a Christian man that she deeply respected.  One day while walking through a bookstore she found a book by the author, Gerald Schroeder.  The book is titled, The Science of God.  Gerald is an MIT physicist that was able to answer some of the plaguing questions she had.

After reading the article I also bought his books.  For the most part i struggled to read them, but he dumbs down some parts enough for a guy like me to get.  If your interested check out his books online.

Here is the article:





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